About us

We are a growing geotechnical and structural engineering consulting firm based in Hong Kong.

BTAL embraces challenges and works with our client and fellow professionals to provide solutions for all of our assignments. We are set up to be a hands-on resource to owners, developers, architects, contractors and fabricators. We provide design services at a level unequaled by typical consultants working in the construction industry today.

BTAL benefit from new experiences and welcome the opportunity to incorporate innovative and environmentally conscientious solutions into our design.

Our mission

Our mission is to be engineering consultant firm that assists our clients in achieving and exceeding their goals. BTAL continue to improve our response to site needs as well as our client's expectations. And we aim to do this every day for every client.

Innovation, expertise and flexibility

Innovation, expertise and flexibility go hand-in hand. These traits drive BTAL to provide quality performance and render excellent services for all clients.

Our mission is to provide quality services for client-specific solutions within scope, budget and schedule. We endeavors to fully understand our clients' needs on each project to achieve desired goals.